22 May 2020 (from FB group page)
From Mark Budak

"Three years ago, the modernization of the Lowell library was just a vision. The journey has had it's twists and turns. With persistence and support of the Lowell community, the vision has become a reality.

The General Contractor began demolition this past Tuesday!

To acknowledge the generosity of our class, a private glass enclosed study room will be dedicated in the name of "the class of Fall 1972/Spring 1973."

A special thank you for the leadership gifts from BadBill Black and Nancy Koo.

I will keep you all posted on the progress and hope to see you at the ribbon cutting ceremony.."

12 July 2019 (from FB group page)
This was posted as a reply to the previous alumni post by reunion committee member Darryl Woo...

"In answer to those who have contacted us with offers of help, we are grateful. The planning committee, at least for now, is about the optimal size for getting things done. In early 2022 (I can't believe I'm writing in that date), we will survey the class on the type of reunion they want and once we know the scope and complexity of the event, we will likely broaden the committee."

11 July 2019 (from FB group page)
This was posted by the Lowell High School Alumni...

"The Lowell Alumni Association is delighted to report that the hard-working crew that brought you such a memorable 40-year reunion (Mark Budak, BadBill Black, Buffy Cereske, Paul Reinhardt and Darryl Woo) have signed on to plan the Lowell Classes of Fall 1972 & Spring 1973 50-year reunion to be held in 2023. They'll begin gearing up in 2022, so stay tuned for more details then.

And thanks to Jolene Wong for encouraging folks to think big for the 50-year reunion!."

28 June 2019
Reunion date changed to June 3rd so as to allow fellow classmates to attend the 2023 graduation.  The new theme will prove that we'd be "Top of the World" in 2023.

26 June 2019
2023 will mark the 50th anniversary of our graduation. To commemorate this milestone, a tentatiive date of May 26th, 2023 and a possible location, the Fairmont in SF, is being considered. Classmates might remember the date and location from 1973.

With that said, a few good folks are needed to make this happen. Calling on all interested classmates. Please contact the committe headed by Jolene Wong at...


Yes, we even have an official email address. How fancy is that? Let's make this event outshine all previous reunions. Let's make it golden.

11 June 2019 (from FB group page)
From Mark Budak:
Thank you to my generous F'72/S'73 classmates that donated to the "Lowell Library Renovation Campaign." Since July 1, 2017 our class raised over $36,000 in gifts designated to the library. This makes us the #1 class donor to the library! The campaign remains open until June 30th, so there is still time to give at: https://lowellalumni.networkforgood.com/projects/69894-classes-of-fall-1972-spring-1973-library-challenge